Artists in Momentum

Breaking the Mould to Redefine Mental Health


Nurturing & Sustaining individuals

Artists in Momentum #breakthemould
Artists in Momentum art community

NOV 3 to DEC 30


NOV 15

4:00 to 7:30pm

Artists in Momentum nurture & sustain artists

Visual Art Exhibiton

Mississauga Central Library

Bringing Communities of Creatives Together

Promoting mental well-being through creative self-expression

Artists in Momentum (AIM), is an organization committed to empowering, nurturing and sustaining the spirit of the individual. AIM believes in the therapeutic value of the arts, and uses it as the foundation to promote mental well being, one life at a time. Working on a project by project basis, at a corporate and community level, AIM encourages self-reflection, stimulates the imagination while building self-esteem through creative self expression.

Art Every Day - Mental Well-Being Symposium

Noel Ryan Auditorium,

Mississauga Central Library