Artists in Momentum

An experienced camera person Angela channel’s her power of thought through her paintings.  Through an array of techniques, she moves textures, colours and brush strokes to express the psychological and physiological changes in her brain. An incredible journey of self-discovery;  from who she was, to who she is now. Evolving and changing, subsequent to her three concussions. Painting has sustained and nurtured her, while improving her  mental health. This progress is painstakingly visible in the changes portrayed in her painting style, as she navigates through life.  Her paintings are deep, stark, and piercingly personal.  It is a naked representation of her journey. The many twists and turns are indicative of profound healing from the three concussions she persevered through. Her canvas has become a mirror to her mind, reflecting its brilliant and varied hues. Plainly speaking says Angela, "Painting is my form of communication."