Artists in Momentum


Jason RP Bassels is an innovative and exciting artist who delivers an alternative and thought-provoking perspective that challenges the generic conception of martial arts, revealing that below the surface it is a multi-medium of sound, word, fabric, metal, wood, flesh, bone and blood. Bassels's art is a movement to open the world’s eyes to the inherent values of this discipline beyond what limits our perception of it. A classically trained martial artist, he re-affirms martial arts is an orchestra of shape and texture, surging out of human conflict, ambition, creativity and refinement.
Inspired by Toronto jazz musicians, Bassels uses music to convey martial arts in its source abstract as the contrast. He uses pencil to represent the strong contrast of the linear-physical realm to compete with recycled printer ink.  Colour becomes a metaphor for the low to high vibrations of what we feel and recognise, and yet have a difficult time navigating. Head director and affiliate of Classical Martial Arts Canada and an Ambassador for the Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis and the International Modern Arnis Federation to the Philippines in Canada. He has been teaching professionally for sixteen years.