Artists in Momentum


Marilou Gonzales Frias is a self-taught, Filipino-Canadian artist based in Toronto. Her figurative series explores and  articulates the inner struggles and emotional chaos of depression.  She mainly uses watercolours as her medium because of their organic and random behaviour when their pigments freely intermix and interact on the surface, forming something abstract, unexpected, yet complex, much like the characteristics of human emotions. 

Although her artistic meandering began at a young age, she abandoned it for two decades. The traumatic and sudden passing of her brother, plunged her into the depths of grief., while triggering severe depression. It was here, in the dark place of despair Frias renewed her journey as an artist. She boldly drew on what she had learnt from her sibling, Alicia while completing her degree in Mathematics, and pursuing a career in digital media. Each brushstroke and ink mark therapeutically drawing her out, giving her comfort and solace through the darkness.

“A gentleman at one of my exhibitions told me, ‘Isn’t it amazing that our tears can also give us a gift of bringing us back to what we love in life? It then gives us the opportunity to share this gift to others.’ says Frias, "These unforgettable words of wisdom left me enlightened. I do hope that the art that I create through my tears, can bring something beautiful and comforting to someone’s life. To make that positive difference is all that really matters.”