Artists in Momentum


A mechanical engineer by day and an artist by night, Monteath is an expert with the airbrush, he uses this as a vehicle to further his foray into the world of colour. Standing at the threshold of his art career Monteath was featured by a local station after his first art show at the Mississauga Central Library. 

Monteath is eager to experiment with the psychology of the creative eye and mind, to enhance and guide his work. He has developed a myriad of styles in which he has infused and incorporated many surreal elements and contemporary aspects. Most recently he has fused the use of LED lighting to transitionally change the visual effect of a piece. 

Using his gift to make the world a better place through the charity of art is his mantra. Utilizing the keen eyes of an engineer, and the psyche of an artist, Monteath is dedicated to using art to help the community.