Artists in Momentum

Breaking the Mould to Redefine Mental Health


Nurturing & Sustaining Artists

Artists in Momentum art community

NOV 3 to DEC 30

NOV 15

4 to 7:30pm

Artists in Momentum nurture & sustain artists

Bringing Communities of Creatives Together

Art Every Day - Mental Well-Being Symposium

Noel Ryan Auditorium,

Mississauga Central Library

Artists in Momentum #breakthemould


Visual Art Exhibiton

Mississauga Central Library

Empowering individuals to break the stigma around mental health through creative expression

Artists in Momentum - AIM, acts as an open door, connecting the artist and the community while nurturing and sustaining the spirit of the individual. Working on a project-by-project basis, AIM uses art as the foundation to promote mental well-being through visual self-expression and creativity in the workplace, and in the community.